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What happens when Megaman and Doom get together? This


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Retro Blazer is an old-school first-person action game whose gameplay is very similar to Doom and whose graphics are like Megaman's. It offers a frenetic experience where you have to shoot like crazy and dodge like mad.

The gameplay is modeled on shooters from the 90s that don't require using the mouse: you control your character and shoot using only the keyboard. Also, unlike what happens in most contemporary video games, in Retro Blazer the key is to move fast, shoot faster, and dodge the enemy bullets (which you can see coming).

The game's Alpha version has just seven levels, which you can roll through at high speed killing the hundreds of enemies you come across with your powerful three-weapon arsenal: pistol, machine gun, and shotgun. They're classic but effective weapons that, inside the game, are very eye-catching.

Graphically, Retro Blazer is strange because, despite its old-school aesthetic (with pixelated characters and weapons), the game's look is stupendous. This is in part thanks to the colorful levels and the beauty of some of the game's designs.

Retro Blazer is a very fun first-person action game that leaves today's FPS conventions aside to offer a much more hectic experience that Doom and Duke Nukem 3D fans will love.